Hey, Atlassian lovers,
You all know we could improve work efficiency and teamwork capacity through Atlassian. Each team has different tools (like Atlassian), culture, even capacity. Apps from the Atlassian marketplace make your Atlassian more suitable for your team.

Here are five ways to make your Jira (or confluence) powerful to use APPs recommended by Open Source Consulting (Atlassian Platinum Partner in South Korea). It maybe could help you reduce your anxiety and worry, too. (big grin)

  1. How to manage project in efficient way using Jira :  WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) 

We need to distribute work resources by task, part, and period and to manage the progress schedule. We could make WBS on Jira making plan and manage projects. With WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira, you can managing resources across teams and projects and Instantly see and manage dependencies. 


       2.  The way to automate Jira actions and manage workflow : Workflow Management 

You can save time and reduce risk of error by automating Jira actions. With ScriptRunner for Jira, you can automate Workflows & Issues, Extend Jira.

       3. Wanna resolve license shortage?  : Efficient user management for Jira Admin

The user management app ‘Flexible User License’ allows user to resolve the license shortage without purchasing additional licenses. (even using “Starter” tier) You don’t need to purchase additional licenses when the number of users exceeds the license usage of the purchased plan. You can check our customer success story and Free Trial (Participate the free-trial event to win Amazon gift card though!) 

       4. Optimize user interface for teams or customer : Theme & Style 

You could build a customer-focused service experience on Jira also. Refined for Jira adds a customizable and easy to use interface for Jira and JSD to every team. 

       5. Integration : Integration with various tools & system 

It is very important to manage resources by connecting with the existing team system you are already using.

You can integrate Git, google drive & docs with Jira with below apps. 

These apps definitely help make your team and Atlassian more efficient and powerful.

If you have any idea, leave your comments and questions below ! I’d love to hear!

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